Order Blocking

Order blocking is valuable for preventing abusive customers from purchasing from your store, for any reason. For example, when selling digital products, a customer may purchase and download your product, then immediately file a refund dispute with PayPal, or request a chargeback with their credit company (costing you additional fees), all without contacting you (the seller) first.

Another reason you might block a customer, is if they're being abusive with customer support.

How to stop abusive customers from purchasing with Cartloom:

  • 1. Go Orders > Block, you'll then see a table for all blocked customers.
  • 2. Click the green "+ Add Block" button. A slide-out panel will appear where you can fill in the block customer details, like email address, optional IP Address, and even enter separate public and private block messages.
  • 3. Click "Save" done! When a blocked customer enters their email address at checkout, they will then see your custom block message, and will be prevented from continuing checkout.
  • Note: You can also modify and delete blocks at any time.

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