iOS App

Realtime sales, invoices, and inventory.

  • Realtime Daily Sales Graph

    Track your sales live on the go! The iOS app dashboard shows 7 day realtime sales figures. Great for monitoring product launches, discount sales, or the overall health of business sales.

  • Timespan Sales Metrics

    Get a quick and insightful view into your overall Cartloom sales, with timespan sales figures listed by, All Time, Year, Month, Week, Yesterday, and Today. Exclusive iOS feature.

  • Multiple Account Support

    Cartloom is a powerful selling platform, and our iOS app proudly supports multiple Cartloom accounts. Conveniently switch between accounts to monitor and manage your sales - on the go!

  • Complete Order Retrieval

    On your iOS device, get complete access to your order invoices, in full detail. View the current day's invoices, or search for an invoice by email address, invoice number, or customer name.

  • Resend Customer Invoices

    Often customers simply request another copy of their order invoice. The iOS app can find any customer invoice, and resend that invoice to their email with a tap.

  • Track Product Inventory

    Knowing your product inventory levels at all times can be critical. The Cartloom iOS app allows you to monitor your inventory (or serial number) count, anytime, any where.

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