Elegant online store & blog.

  • SSL Secure Site Hosting

    Cartloom securely hosts every Storefront website, allowing you to ditch the extra cost in web hosting!

  • Modern Responsive Theme

    From desktops, to tablets, to smart phones, your Storefront site and shopping experience will always look and feel perfect.

  • Fast & Secure Checkout

    Cartloom is all about a great selling experience. Our checkout is SSL Secure, works on countless devices, and has been tuned for fast selling.

  • Enhanced Meta SEO

    Along with the standard Meta description for Google bots, Storefront auto generates meta information for Twitter and Facebook.

  • Social Sharing Icons

    Simply add the URL to your social network, i.e. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. Cartloom will auto generate the social icon within your Storefront site.

  • Multi-Language Support

    Storefront supports visitors switching the site text to English, Spanish, German, and French.

  • Page Banner Images

    Within the Storefront admin, you can drag and drop your own images to create banners, on a page by page basis.

  • Order Lookup

    Serve your customers, by letting them quickly enter their email address to retrieve a full order history email. Help them, help themselves.

  • Secure Contact Form + reCaptcha

    The Storefront contact page includes a full contact form with reCaptcha to prevent email abuse. Contact page also generates a Google Map if a business address is provided.

  • Built-in BlogPro

    Get a beautiful store - get an amazing Blog! Create unlimited blog posts, support multiple post authors. Customize your post slugs for SEO. Supports banners, custom HTML, and full screen editing.

  • Built-in FAQ PagePro

    Have a dedicated page to clearly all your common visitor questions. Our FAQ page comes with a large search field to help customers quickly find answers.

  • HTML Header & Footer Pro

    Storefront comes with a pre-coded header and footer, but if you're looking to add / edit something special, you can edit the header and footer code.

  • Custom Domain Name

    Use your own custom domain name, this gives your business credibility and trust with customers. A domain name related to your field, also helps you rank higher with SEO.

  • Custom Order Page

    After a sale, along with the sleek Storefront order page, you can add your own custom content or message. Supports HTML code.

  • EU Cookie Warning

    We take EU law seriously, and understand the requirement for site cookie warnings. With Storefront, we provide 1-click to enable a cookie warning to your site.

  • Privacy & Terms Pages

    What's a legit site without - without clear terms and privacy pages? It's a crazy world, help avoid legal misgivings by adding these pages.

  • Pro - Pro monthly plan

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