Dedicated Cartloom plug-in

  • Drag & Drop Shortcodes

    When editing a Wordpress page or post, an Add Product button reveals your embed ready products. Search and filter to get the exact product, then insert the shortcode!

  • Search & Filter

    In Wordpress, you can search to find specific products, or filter product results to show only buy buttons, product pages, or product group embeds.

  • Store Navigation

    For a more complete store look, you can add View cart and Order Lookup links to your Wordpress site navigation. Optionally edit these links with text of your choice.

  • Buy Button Embeds

    Insert buy button shortcodes anywhere in your Wordpress pages or posts, to instantly add purchase, cart, and checkout to your existing Wordpress page designs.

  • Product Embeds

    A product embed will generate a fully designed, mobile friendly, beautiful product page. With zero setup time, you can insert shortcode - and be ready to start selling.

  • Group Embeds

    Combine your products into customized, embed ready, product groups. Product group shortcodes will generate a full featured, instant online store of those products!

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