Storefront Stack

Fully designed, SEO Storefront for RapidWeaver.

  • Search Engine Optimized

    Storefront generates SEO markup, Facebook Opengraph and Twitter meta tags, Google structured product data, and image alt tags.

  • Dashboard & Sales Analytics

    Get a detailed view of your business to better understand sales, orders, and audience to better tailor your products and marketing.

  • Cartloom iOS App

    Realtime sales, invoices, and inventory. Monitor daily sales, product inventory, search orders, resend invoices, on your iOS device.

  • Sell Digital & Physical Products

    Sell digital ebooks, downloads, songs, and video. Sell physical books, t-shirts, products, and parts. Cartloom has you covered.

  • Multi User Admin

    Create user admins to edit and manage Storefront products online. Perfect for web designers and clients, or store employees.

  • Storefront Search

    Customers can quickly search your entire Storefront, by entering key words found in your product titles, and tags.

  • Category & Tag Filtering

    Cartloom products can be assigned by custom categories, and filters tags, letting customers easily navigate your Storefront.

  • Storefront Stack Settings

    Adjust how many product items are shown per page. Get the perfect text size for product titles, tags, and prices.

  • Order History Lookup

    Customers can use a past purchase email address to receive an elegantly branded - full order history email.

  • AddThis Social Sharing

    Vistors can share any product page using the social network of their choice. Enable AddThis in the Cartloom Add-ons.

  • Storefront Stack Setup
  • 1 Get a FREE Cartloom account. Add products.
  • 2 Enable Storefront, in the Admin → Addons.
  • 3 Install Cartloom.stack for RapidWeaver.
  • 4 Add the Storefront stack to a stacks page.
  • 5 Enter your Cart Name in the stack settings.

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