Cartloom Updates

April 2020

Adjustable Pricing on Options Dynamically adjust product price based on option selections.
Manually Create Gift Cards Create Gift Card smanually from inside the Seller Admin.
Gift Card Lookup Snippets Allow your customers to lookup Gift Card balance and transactions.
Misc Tweaks and Fixes Making Cartloom better by fixing small issues and improving exisiting features.

March 2020

Subscription Sales Dash Widget Added a dash widget that shows monthly sales from Subscriptions.
Gift Card now supports multiple Images Customers can now choose from several images to use as Gift Card.
Added Read Less to Product Description Product description now include "Read Less" toggle to supress description length.
Misc Tweaks and Fixes Making Cartloom better by fixing small issues and improving exisiting features.

February 2020

Gift Cards and Subscriptions part of PRO! All PRO plans now come with Giftcards and Subscription Add Ons included at no extra cost.
Product Notes Added Products now include private notes only the seller can see.
Gift Card added to Manual Order Create When creating a manual order, Gift Card can now be used as a payment type.
Misc Tweaks and Fixes Making Cartloom better by fixing small issues and improving exisiting features.

January 2020

Server Upgrades! Annual server upgrades were successful and resulted in a faster, more secure shopping platform for our clients.
Subscription Quantity Added Subscribers can now have quantity of Subscription Plans.
Select All Toggle Select all visible Products and Discounts in a single click.
Available Inventory in Embeds Show customers if item is In Stock or how many items are left for purchase.
Total Weight in Receipts The total weight of an order is now included in receipt emails and order page(s).
Invoices in Manage Subscription Subscribers can now see their invoices in the Manage Subscription modal.
Misc Tweaks and Fixes Making Cartloom better by fixing small issues and improving exisiting features.

July - December 2019

🎄Holiday Season Hold Other than fixing issues, we do not release new features during the holiday season to avoid possible issues during this crucial period.
Misc Tweaks and Fixes Making Cartloom better by fixing small issues and improving exisiting features.

June 2019

PRO SMTP Add-On Send Order Emails using your own personal SMTP server. This will allow you to have the From Address be your own email address.
Storefront Stack released. Fully designed, SEO Storefront for RapidWeaver. Learn More.
Tag support for Storefront Added granular way to search on products.
Misc Tweaks and Fixes Making Cartloom better by fixing small issues and improving exisiting features.

May 2019

Storefront Preview Mode Only logged in users can see Storefront.
Improved Product Settings Easy to use inputs and expanding view.
Vatlayer Add-On Free, Instant VAT Number Validation & EU VAT Rates API.
TaxJar Add-On TaxJar calculcates the sales tax that should be collected for a given order.
Misc Tweaks and Fixes Making Cartloom better by fixing small issues and improving exisiting features.

April 2019

Cartloom Affiliate Program You can now get paid 25% every month, for referred PLUS and PRO plans. Learn More.

February 2019

High Resolution Seller Logo Support Sellers can now add large brand logos, then set the max size for the brand logo on order emails, checkout, etc.
Reason for Refund When issuing an order refund, sellers can now add private notes within the reason for refund field.

Decemeber 2018

Product Spin-off Radio Style When using product spinoffs, you can now show spinoff options as a radio list. Perfect for donations.

November 2018

Custom Domain Add-on Use your own custom domain for buyers during checkout.
Affiliatly Add-on Affiliatly is easy to use affiliate tracking software Control and track the whole program from your browser.

October 2018

Subscriptions Add-on Re-occuring billing and management with ease. Learn More.

September 2018

New PLAY plan Explore all of Cartloom's elegant and powerful selling features, using test payments.

August 2018

Custom Domain Add-on Use your own custom domain for Cartloom checkout and storefront.

June 2018

Cartloom Videos New Cartloom Videos page added:

May 2018

Apple PayFor sellers using the Stripe payment gateway, Apple Pay can now be setup as an additional payment method.
No Fraud Add-onFraud-free eCommerce. Eliminate chargeback liability and reduce false-positives with a guaranteed PASS / FAIL decision.
Privacy and GDPRUpdated privacy policy for GDPR.

April 2018

Individual Product StatsIndividual product sales report added.

February 2018

Mailer Add-onBuild custom mail lists and contact customers about product updates.
Admin Help WidgetSearch the Cartloom knowledgebase and ask for help with the new Cartloom help widget.

November 2017

Gift CardsStart offering gift cards for purchase on your website. Embed a fully designed gift card purchase page, or include gift card purchase in an embed product group.
Custom CSSAll Pro accounts now have the ability to add custom CSS to the Cart and Checkout Views.
Fixed Language settings on Cart and Checkout.

October 2017

Manually Create OrdersBuild and Create custom orders all within the Seller Admin.
Fixed Misc. Tweaks and fixes.

September 2017

StorefrontGet a fully hosted website, online store, and blog, with Storefront from Cartloom! Featuring auto language translation, page banners, social icons, FAQ page, and so much more!
Drag Sort ImagesWhen editing a product and adding images, you can now drag your images to change the sort order.
Email LogWhen viewing individual orders, within the Order Log, you can now retrieve detailed email status information for that order.
Only New CustomerPro feature for auto recover cart settings. Enable to send auto recover emails to new customers only.
Fixed Bundle inventory decrement.
Fixed PayPay button options in PayPal checkout.
Fixed View cart jump to page top.

August 2017

Data CachingProduct embeds, and order retrieval is now 5x faster by caching your product and order data! Product edits are re-cached when saved in the admin.
Feature RequestsFrom the dashboard, you can now submit, vote, and comment on, feature requests for Cartloom!
Styled PayPal ButtonYou now can style the PayPal button when viewed during checkout. (Setup > Payment).
Custom User AvatarsYou can now add give user profiles a custom avatar, with a drag and drop image.
Payment Choice IconsYou can select payment choice icons to show at checkout. (Setup > Checkout).
Fixed Export order contacts only includes captured orders.
Fixed Link requests table, not showing requests.
Fixed PayPal refund issues.

July 2017

VAT logsGet details information on user submitted VAT data for individual orders.
RapidWeaver eCommerce PageWe now have a page and video, dedicated to showing Cartloom integration with the web building software RapidWeaver.
SKU for SpinoffsNow for example, use SKU to search inventory.
Fixed Lightbox checkout PayPal load bug.

June 2017

Lightbox CheckoutThis Pro feature, is now a standard feature! Let visitors fully checkout, without ever leaving your site.
Help WidgetAsk for live help, and access our full documentation from the upper right (?) help icon.
Fixed iPad checkout formatting.
Fixed Buy now spinoff inventory bug.
Fixed Embed products, mobile price not appearing.

May 2017

iDeal payments via MollieNetherlands sellers can now accept payments with Cartloom.
Safari Pinned IconWhen using the pin feature Safari, the Cartloom logo will appear.
Block DownloadsIf a buyer or user is blocked (Orders > Block), then downloads will now stop working.
Link Expire TimeBuyers will now see time left before the link expires, on the download page.
Product ExpirationSet a date for when a product is no longer available for purchase.
Fixed iPad "Keep Shopping" issue.
Fixed Quick add bug with embed product groups.

April 2017

AddThis Social SharingNow you can connect your AddThis account to be used for all embed products, and product groups.
Style Packing SlipsPro feature. You can now have custom content above and below your order packing slips.
Customer Purchases ReportA new report type "Customer Purchases" has been added. View a breakdown list of all products bought within each order (Orders > Reports).
Discount Code ListSupply a code list to be used for redeeming a discount.
Upto 12 Product ImagesNow add even more product images, up to 12 with a Pro plan.
Tax in PriceFor EU sellers, display the prices of all products to include taxes.
Manual Payment DefaultYou can now set the manual payment orders to be marked "Paid" or "On Hold" for default status.
Download BackgroundWhen buyers download digital products, they now see a nicely styled download page.
Fixed Download bug, count and logging still occurring even though download was not taking place.
Fixed Checkout on narrow screens, scrolling issues.
Fixed Minor issues related to embed group product formatting.
Fixed SKU and Serial Numbers now added to order receipts.

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