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Quick View Customer Purchases

For customer support tickets, Cartloom pulls up their order history with invoice links, purchased product tooltips, and full invoice views. Quickly tackle common order support requests.

Insert & Reset Download Links

For digital products, when customers request download links for their purchased products, you can quickly insert links into your support response, and/or reset their download limit.

View and Resend Invoices

Often customers request a copy of their invoice. From the Cartloom Zendesk app, you can select an individual customer order, and 1-click resend that invoice to their email address.

Search all Cartloom Orders

The Cartloom Zendesk App can search through all your orders, at any time. Ask a customer for a past purchase email address, and search that email address to retrieve all relevant orders.

View Order Logs

Retrieve an instant an order status with order log details. Know if a product shipped, or was downloaded, at what time, etc. You can also 1-click insert the order log into your response.

Add Private Notes

Add optional order notes that only a Cartloom admin can view and edit. When working with other support team members, add order notes without informing the customer.

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