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Don't have a website yet? Then let Cartloom host your online shop for you.

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Secure Hosting

Cartloom securely hosts every Storefront website, allowing you to ditch the extra cost in web hosting!

Built-in Blog Pro

Get a beautiful store - get an amazing Blog! Create unlimited blog posts, support multiple post authors. Customize your post slugs for SEO. Supports banners, custom HTML, and full screen editing.

Mobile Ready

From desktops, to tablets, to smart phones, your Storefront site and shopping experience will always look and feel perfect.

Built-in FAQ Page Pro

Have a dedicated page to clearly all your common visitor questions. Our FAQ page comes with a large search field to help customers quickly find answers.

Fast & Secure Checkout

Cartloom is all about a great selling experience. Our checkout is SSL Secure, works on countless devices, and has been tuned for fast selling.

Custom CSS Pro

Storefront comes with a pre-coded stylesheet, but if you're looking to add / edit something special, you can add your own custom CSS style rules.

Enhanced Meta SEO

Along with the standard Meta description for Google bots, Storefront auto generates meta information for Twitter and Facebook.

Custom Domain Name

Use your own custom domain name, this gives your business credibility and trust with customers. A domain name related to your field, also helps you rank higher with SEO.

Social Sharing Icons

Simply add the URL to your social network, i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Mastodon, etc. Cartloom will auto generate the social icon within your Storefront site.

Custom Order Page

After a sale, along with the sleek Storefront order page, you can add your own custom content or message. Supports Markdown code.

Cookie Warning

We take Privacy law seriously, and understand the requirement for site cookie warnings. With Storefront, we provide 1-click to enable a cookie warning to your site.

Page Banner Images

Within the Storefront admin, you can drag and drop your own images to create banners, on a page by page basis.

Order Lookup

Serve your customers, by letting them quickly enter their email address to retrieve a full order history email. Help them, help themselves.

Secure Contact Form + reCaptcha

The Storefront contact page includes a full contact form with reCaptcha to prevent email abuse. Contact page also generates a Google Map if a business address is provided.

Privacy & Terms Pages

What's a legit site without clear terms and privacy pages? It's a crazy world, help avoid legal misgivings by adding these pages.

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