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Accept PayPal Payments

Start selling more by allowing your customers to pay using PayPal.

8 Payment Gateways

Plan gateways: Stripe, PayPal Express, PayPal Pro, Authorize Net, Braintree, PayMill, eWAY, PayPoint.Net, Sage Pay, and Mollie.

Secure Encrypted SSL Transactions

All Cartloom embedded product groups, pages, invoices, and checkout, are served within a secure SSL protected iframe.

Real-time Fraud Protection

Provided on behalf of PayPal, and the selected gateway credit card processor during checkout.

Responsive Cart Checkout

Streamline buying on any website - sell digital and physical products without customers leaving the web page.

iOS Cartloom Admin App

View daily sales totals and orders, check on product inventory, search for orders, resend invoices, and more.

White Label Cart Checkout

Optionally remove Cartloom branding from the cart checkout, receipt emails, billing invoices, and direct stores.

Storefront Plus Pro
SSL Secure Site Hosting

Cartloom securely hosts every Storefront website, allowing you to ditch the extra cost in web hosting!

Modern Responsive Theme

From desktops, to tablets, to smart phones, your Storefront site and shopping experience will always look and feel perfect.

Per Page Banner Images

Within the Storefront admin, you can drag and drop your own images to create banners, on a page by page basis.

Enhanced Meta SEO

Along with the standard Meta description for Google bots, Storefront auto generates meta information for Twitter and Facebook.

Social Sharing Icons

Simply add the URL to your social network, i.e. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. Cartloom will auto generate the social icon within your Storefront site.

Multi-Language Support

Storefront supports visitors switching the site text to English, Spanish, German, and French.

Order Lookup

Serve your customers, by letting them quickly enter their email address to retrieve a full order history email. Help them, help themselves.

Secure Contact Form + reCaptcha

The Storefront contact page includes a full contact form with reCaptcha to prevent email abuse. Contact page also generates a Google Map if a business address is provided.

Custom Domain Name

Use your own custom domain name, this gives your business credibility and trust with customers. A domain name related to your field, also helps you rank higher with SEO.

Professional Blog

Get a beautiful store - get an amazing Blog! Create unlimited blog posts, support multiple post authors. Customize your post slugs for SEO. Supports banners, custom HTML, and full screen editing.

FAQ Page with Search

Have a dedicated page to clearly all your common visitor questions. Our FAQ page comes with a large search field to help customers quickly find answers.

HTML Header & Footer

Storefront comes with a pre-coded header and footer, but if you're looking to add / edit something special, you can edit the header and footer code.

Invoice Billing Plus Pro
Billing & Estimates

Send an invoice to approve an estimate or collect billable payment.

Service, Physical, or Flat Invoicing

Bill for hours, a vintage coffee table, or simply record a payment.

Paid Content Delivery

Perfect for delivering valuable content, after successful payment.

White Label Invoicing

Optionally remove Cartloom branding from your online invoice.

Products Plus Pro
Product Bundles

Combine multiple products together to sell as a product bundle.

Discount Logic

Create discount codes based on a variety of criteria and requirements.

6 Product Images

Add drag and drop images to your product listings. Plus plan allows 6 images. Pro plan allows up to 12 images.

12 Product Images

Add drag and drop images to your product listings. Plus plan allows 6 images. Pro plan allows up to 12 images.

Mail Customer Base

When editing a product, instantly mail blast all customers of that product, excellent for informing customers of new updates.

Digital Products Plus Pro
Send Links

Distribute complimentary or not-for-resale software to customers.

Encrypted Link Generator

Create and share download links, without revealing the file location.

Cartloom File Delivery

Drag and drop upload, to the Cartloom file distribution service.

Amazon S3 File Delivery

Cartloom can distribute digital files from your own Amazon S3 account.

Registration Codes

Cartloom can distribute a list of valid product codes upon purchase.

Express Digital Checkout

Let customers buy your digital products 2X faster! Expedite orders by collecting minimal customer information at checkout.

Digital Link Requests

Streamline the management of digital product buyers requiring new download links.

Physical Products Plus Pro
Domestic and International Shipping Rules

Create shipping rules based on a variety of criteria and requirements.

Real-time Inventory Tracking and Control

Receive low stock or out of stock feedback, based on inventory count.

Buyer Shipping Notifications

Send a notification email to the buyer when the order is shipped.

Purchase Order Ship Label Printing

Cartloom offers a ShipStation add-on to track and print labels.

Real-time Carrier API Shipping Quotes

Connect to Carriers: FedEx, USPS, UPS, DHL, and Canada Post.

Custom Packing Slips

Print custom packing slips from the online order invoice.

Recovery Plus Pro
View Abandoned Cart Order History

Get insight into... Was this a repeat customer? Did they order this product before? Should this customer receive a discount?

Send Customized Recover Email

You have full control over the recover email Subject, Reply To, and message. Drag and drop a link to complete their purchase.

Instant Discount Generation

When recovering an abandoned cart, quickly generate a one-off discount to include in your email back to the customer.

Automate Recover Emails

Automate how long before Cartloom sends the buyer a recover email.

Seller Admin Plus Pro
Global Search

Search all orders, products, and Cartloom admin pages. Toss in a customer name, order number, or keyword - search will find it.

Launch and Dash Widgets

Launch provides fast access to specific Cartloom functions. Dash widgets allow a glance view of what's most important to your business.

Actions and Mass Actions

Powerful efficient editing, now standard with our admin action buttons.

Checkout and Receipt Styling

Set the master style tone for a tailored customer experience.

User Staff Accounts

Create admin users for your Cartloom account, and set user permissions to limit admin access.

3rd Party Add-Ons

Connect your Cartloom account to Zapier, Twitter, UPS, FedEx, Google Analytics, Amazon S3, RapidWeaver, Mailchimp and more!

Beautiful Report Analytics

Generate performance and comparative report data in gorgeous style.

Order Blocking

Block "certain" customers, set private and a public visible messages for them. Take a deep breath and enjoy your coffee again.

Emailed Order Invoices with Tax

All orders send out separate buyer and seller emails with details, sub totals, associated taxes, fees, shipping, and grand total.

VAT MOSS Statements

The VAT MOSS (Mini One Stop Shop) statement allows your business to submit returns and pay VAT to EU member states.

Unlimited User Staff Accounts

Free and Plus plans are limited to 2 user accounts. Pro plans feature unlimited user accounts.

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