Gift Cards

Sell & Accept Gift Cards

With Cartloom, you can sell and accept gift cards as a form of payment during the checkout process.

Sell Gift Cards on Your Website

Start offering gift cards for purchase on your website. Embed a fully designed gift card purchase page, or include gift card purchase in an embed product group.

Beautiful Email Message

Purchased gift cards automatically send the recipient a beautiful email, featuring your gift card design, value amount, gift card code, your message, and shopping link!

Custom Gift Card Images

Drag and drop your own image for the gift card front design. Your gift card design is shown to all card buyers, and also sent in an email to all gift card recipients.

Fully Customizable Card Text

Every business is different. You can customize the text and labels presented on your gift card purchase page. And of course, customize all text used for the recipient gift card email.

Exceed Gift Card Balances

Cartloom handle exceeding gift card values with ease. When a checkout total exceeds the gift card amount, the remaining balance is shown with payment options.

Track Remaining Balances

You have complete control over all gift cards. View all remaining card totals. Manage individual cards, to edit the email address, gift message, original and remaining amounts.

Advanced Gift Card Style

If you're handy with HTML and CSS, you can have full control over the gift card style, for presenting to buyers. You bring the CSS, we take care of the rest!

Track Gift Card Transactions

When managing an issued gift card in your Cartloom account, you can view all completed transactions for that gift card. You have full access to detailed card order history.

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