Digital Goods

Automatic Digital Sales and Delivery

With Cartloom, you can sell and deliver digital goods automatically while you sleep.

Fully Encrypted & Secure

Enjoy secure digital file delivery with cutting-edge encryption in our shopping cart service. Safely deliver files to customers using a link they cannot share.

Limit Downloads

Relax with Cartloom's digital download limiting feature. Set the number of times a file can be downloaded, or set it to unlimited.

Expiring Links

Ensure product security with time-limited access to purchased digital content. Safeguard your offerings and protect your valuable products effortlessly.

Download Tracking

Easily see when and how often your customers download your products. This feature is amazing when facing disputes from payment gateways.

Download Splash Screen Pro

Customize the download splash page with custom content. Use it to promote other products or offer customers discounts on their next order.

Serial Number / License Keys

Digital products that require a Serial Number or License Key can have them delivered automatically after the sale.

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